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Focus on kids

Coding schools struggle to teach things in a way that a child can understand. That is our specialty.


The basics of entrepreneurship can't be taught too young. Your kids will learn how to make their own future.

App Design

Designing apps is a challenge. Your children will learn what goes into designing an app from the ground up.


Every idea has a story and telling that story is an art form. Learn how to captivate people with a pitch.


Get your feet wet with learning how to code with scratch. Find out early on if your child is a coding ninja.


Continue learning after app camp with our after school design and code classes.

Why App Camp?
Tools for the next generation

By 2020 there will be over 1.4 million new coding jobs, but only 400 thousand new computer science graduates. That’s $250 billion in wages not going to our future workforce - our kids.

Code is the literacy of the future, but our kids aren’t learning it in school.

App Camp solves this pain with a week-long summer camp where kids, aged 8 - 18, make their own apps, and in the process, learn the basics of entrepreneurship, design, and code.

Afterwards, Appy campers can continue learning through our ongoing weekly courses. The courses are modeled like a karate studio, where parents pay monthly to turn their kids into code ninjas.

Last summer over 40 kids paid to sign up for App Camp. We received 100% satisfaction ratings from both students and parents. 20% of students were girls and 15% signed up for on-going classes. During this validation phase we were even able to cover our costs, and we are projected to be profitable by this July.

So, let’s teach our kids code so that they can fill those 1 million future jobs, and teach them entrepreneurship so that they can create millions more.



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